WELCOME HOME Changing the perception of property auction


No other auction provider in the UK & Ireland offers such a complete and comprehensive range of property auction services for estate agents to offer to their buyers and sellers. Together, we hold both live and online auction events nationwide, working in partnership with over 1100 estate agent branches, providing local knowledge and expertise.


The Traditional Method of Auction

This is a tried and tested method associated mainly with selling and buying investment stock due to more restrictive timeframes to exchange contracts and complete the sale. This limits buyers and the interest and activity around residential properties.


The Modern Method of Auction

This more accessible route, creates a transparent platform for buyers and sellers combining the best aspects of traditional auction and private treaty sales. We offer more realistic yet fixed timescales, opening up the market place for buyers and sellers looking to arrange mortgages as their method of payment. The exchange of contracts has 28 days to take place from the solicitors receipt of draft contracts, whereas with traditional auctions, the exchange of contracts will usually take place as soon as the buyer has won the bid.

The Modern Method of Auction opens the auction market (once reserved for the professional investor or cash-ready buyer) up to residential buyers, creating a larger market place and more interest and activity than traditional auction. It is the preferred route for buying and selling via auction and has changed the perception of auction in the last decade. 

This simple way to buy a house is a breath of fresh air. We could not recommend highly enough. 56 days start to finish!


For many, moving home can be a life changing decision and our aim at Seymour & Co is look after our principal Client, The Seller. We treat each Client as an individual, which is why we only market a manageable number of quality and select properties. Unlike most other Agents we prefer to work with a select group of motivated sellers who want to sale their home.

We do not aim to be the biggest Agency in Torquay, just the best at what we do.

This is why our marketing plans are individual to your needs and circumstances. We search and locate buyers from our private network of other agents from major cities within the UK and do not just rely upon the prominent well known websites. It might be that we have a potential purchaser from our Confidential List of Higher Net Worth purchasers who for a number of reasons, prefer to deal discretely with their house purchase.

Likewise, some Vendors do not wish their property to be advertised and seek the same level of discretion when selling. If your property is valued in excess of £750K.000 this may be option for you to consider.

We see the most critical part of our role as your agent is to establish a solid working relationship with you, full of open and regular communication and discussion. We want to demonstrate to you our Client, that are as motivated as you to complete that house sale. We will whenever we can help you find a new home to live wherever that be.

If needed to help you along your journey, we can refer you to trusted local Solicitors, Surveyors and Mortgage Brokers.

With staff that total over 50 years of experience within the property market both in the UK and the US, we believe that offering bespoke solutions to individual clients and taking a fresh innovative approach to the residential sales market will help you achieve the desired sale of your home. Technology, of course has its place and we use professional photography and floorplans as standard. but it can never replace that all important human touch.

In short, we believe that by exceeding our Clients’ needs and expectations with excellent communication, professionalism and bespoke marketing, you will find that Seymour & Co will be the Agent of choice.